Whale Shark

Sofie Seyah Illustration

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Whale sharks are majestic gentle giants. Growing up to 12 m in length, they are the largest fish in the ocean. They have around 3,000 tiny teeth that they use to filter vast quantities of seawater for their food - plankton. Their intricate body markings are unique to each individual and it's thought that they made be used for social interactions with other whale sharks.


Print is of an original, hand drawn, ink pen and watercolour illustration.

Available in the following sizes: A5 (148 mm x 210 mm), A4 (210 mm x 297 mm), A3 (297 mm x 410 mm) and A2 (420 mm x 594 mm).

Sofie Seyah water mark for online display only - not on prints. Colours on the print may differ slightly from what you see on your screen.

Designed and printed in Western Australia.

Printed on quality 350 gsm ecoStar 100% recycled paper.

Print comes unframed, in protected packaging.