Spider Plant in Small White Ceramic Pot

Our Little Succulents

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Chlorophytum Comosum 'Vittatum' in small lightly textured white ceramic pot with drainage hole. 

Popular houseplant that are super easy to grow as they can tolerate all leverls of might and will survive if you miss a week of watering. 

Measurements: W 9cm x H 8cm


Difficultly: Easy. They are hardy and are fast growing

Light: They will thrive in bright filtered light, but will also tolerate lower levels of light.

Water: Allow the top 5-10 cm of soil to dry out between watering. This could mean every few weeks in Winter and every one to two weeks in Spring and Summer. Water throughly - until you see a bit of water run through the base of the pot. This indicates that the soil is wet all the way through.

Other: Non toxic and pet friendly

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