Peperomia Angulata in Terracotta Ceramic Pot

Our Little Succulents

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Peperomia Angluata in terracotta coloured ceramic pot with saucer. 

Slow growing trailing plant with dark green leaves with lime green veins. 

Measurements: D 12cm x H 11.5cm 


Difficulty: Moderate 

Light: Bright indirect light. Avoid direct sun rays. 

Water: Let the top few centimeters of soil is dry out between watering. They don't like to be sitting in water but don't let them dry out completely either before watering. Increase watering in warmer months and reduce watering during the cooler months. Use small amounts of water to keep the soil moist. Do not over water. 

Other: Enjoys humidity. Keep out of drafty areas. Pet safe. 

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