Natural Lip Balm in Ceramic - Balancing Pebbles - Medium

Smooth Ceramics

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Create a beautiful morning, day or night ritual with this Natural and Handcrafted lip balm. Choose to refill, make your own or repurpose. Simply transform beautiful ceramic pot into a jewellery treasure keeper.

Ingredients: Org. Coconut oil, Org. Shea butter, Bees wax.
Org. Essential oil:  Refreshing and revitalising for mindful moments. 
- Sweet Orange (lid with 2 pebbles) 
- Peppermint (lid with 3 pebbles)

Australian Clay, Stoneware, Dishwasher safe, Food Safe Glaze.

Please note Smooth Ceramics Balms are not portable items, they should be treated as ceramic pieces and handled with care and love.