Natural Skincare Workshop - Beauty Sleep

Lisa Soon

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Saturday, 21st March 2020
10am - 12.30pm
Natural Skincare Workshop

Beauty Sleep
Here we go! A fresh new workshop for the new year.
Beauty sleep! No this is not going to teach you about the 8hrs shut eye you need to look fabulous etc but instead.... this workshop is going to teach you what to put on your skin at night & wake up looking like you’ve had 10 hours sleep. 

When we sleep, our bodies & skin go into repair mode. All day long our skins are working overtime to protect us from external aggressors. So at night, it’s time for regeneration. To put it simply, skin is at peak healing mode as we sleep & is most receptive to any products we feed it at night, so this is when it needs all that extra TLC. But, while it repairs, skin also loses moisture too at night. So what can you do to get it looking glowy, nourished & not parched in the morning? Well.... say hello to 2 supercharged products for your night time routine you will create in this workshop. 

2.5 hours of hands on beauty mixology.

High quality ingredients, glass jars & notes all provided to create your very own;
 - Luxe hydrating overnight sleeping mask
- Seductively smooth revitalising whipped face balm which doubles as a a cleansing balm
- An anti-inflammatory skin healing botanical serum. This serum will help treat both dry skin conditions & oily, congested or acne prone skins.
Custom blended by you to suit your skins needs.

Bonus gift of a limited edition treat made just for you.
Bubbles & treats to indulge.


  • 2.5 hours to learn and create your own natural skincare
  • High quality ingredients, containers and notes to create your very own luxurious natural skincare
  • Hydrating overnight sleeping mask and seductively smooth revitilising whipped face balm, anti-inflammatory serum custom blended by you to take home
  • Bonus limited edition treat for your skin
  • Bubbles and treats to indulge

10am - 12.30pm
Saturday, 21st March 2020

King St. Collective,
Perth Western Australia

What you will learn:

  • All about natural beauty
  • The ins and outs of your own skin
  • How to adapt your skincare to suit your skins needs
  • Plus pick up extra tips to get you glowing from head to toe

Who is this for? 
This class is designed for beginners so no experience required.

Places available
This class is limited to ten spots. 

$99 – All Materials Included
Bubbles & treats


A morning immersed in the beauty of natural, letting your inner creative flourish & experience eco luxe botanical alchemy at the same time.

Escape on a botanical adventure with me, The Beauty Mistress, @lisasoon & the @kingstcollective.