Mother's Day Card

Fluid Ink

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A witty and humorous Mother's Day card featuring our retro guy or gal, vocalizing an hilarious phrase as only a Retro Guy or Gal can. This letterpress sticker card allows you to choose from a selection of witty phrases & personalize just for mum.

You will never be lost for words with this card.

SELECT ONE OF THESE PHRASES in the variations menu upon ordering

Phrases printed onto stickers :
1. Mum, thanks for letting me live to adulthood…even when it was hard.

2. I love how we don’t even need to say out loud that I’m your favourite child.

3. What else can I give to someone who’s already been gifted such a wonderful child? (Me)

4. Happy Mother’s Day to one of my favourite parents.

Available in Retro Guy or Gal

Card =148X104mm
Envelope C6 160x112 - bright pink

Charcoal oil based ink on 100% cotton card accompanied by premium c6 envelope

Every print that comes off our press is unique and different. That's what makes each hand made product special.

These Letterpress items are individually hand fed into our 1892 vintage Chandler and Price old style (‘The Admiral’) letterpress. Produced in Perth Western Australia.