Calathea Makoyana in Grey Ceramic Pot

Our Little Succulents

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Calathea Makoyana 'Peacock' in lightly textured grey concrete look pot. 

This plant has beautiful lime green leaves with dark green markings and a deep purple underside of the leaf. The stunning foliage adds colour and texture to lift any space. 

Measurements: W 14cm x H 12cm


Difficulty: Moderate. The key to a healthy peacock plant is providing enough humidity. 

Light: Low to moderate light. Sensitive to sudden temperature changes. 

Water: Always keep the soil moist during warmer months. In winter reduce watering and water only when the top of the soil is dry to touch. Water more frequently in smaller amounts to keep soil consistently moist and to avoid waterlogging the plant. 

Other: Provide a warm and humid environment for best growing results

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