Busy Bee Car Restraint

The Little Daisy

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Our Car Restraints keep your dog safety secured in the back seat of your car.

Perfect for if your cheeky pup tries to sneak into the front seat or sticks their head out the window a little too far for your liking.

Attach the clip to your dogs harness or collar and click the buckle into the seat belt socket to restrain your dog. Our car restraints are adjustable so they can be used for both small and big dogs.

Extendable from 45cm - 70cm

Keeps your dog safely secured

They can be hand or machine washed on a cold setting, and ironed on a low setting.

Disclaimer- NO ACCESSORY/PRODUCT is indestructible. It is the customers responsibility to determine the suitability of our product fortheir pet. The Little Daisy will not be held accountable for any destruction of our products.