Alpaca Ruffle Cowl Black and White

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ORA Alpaca Knitwear and Accessories
One of a kind, ethically and sustainably produced by hand in Western Australia

This ORA Alpaca Ruffle Cowl Black and White is a striped ruffle design in black and white natural alpaca.

It is the ultimate accessory for your winter wardrobe, classy and stylish. Wear this fashionable, cozy cowl in two ways. This ruffle cowl can be gathered loosely and fastened with the knit drawstring that features striped tassels. For cosy warmth gather this fashionable ruffle cowl around your neck.

This Alpaca Ruffle Cowl Black and White is striking with a variation of black and white stripe. Accessorize your winter jacket with this cowl worn as a collar over your jacket. The hand spun ORA Signature Yarns used to create this ORA hand knit ruffle cowl are 100% natural alpaca winter white, and natural black alpaca.

The Ora Signature yarn has been hand spun in a chunky style which when knitted, gives the knit fabric an interesting texture. Accessorize for winter with this smart ruffle design Alpaca Ruffle Cowl in Black and White.

One of a kind. One size fits all.
Width18cm. Ungathered circumference 90cm.


The natural Alpaca used in this ORA garment is exclusively Western Australian. This ORA garment is designed and hand crafted in Western Australia.

This ORA garment is hand crafted using hand spun natural fibre. It is normal for authentic natural fibre products to display variations in texture and colour, this is not to be mistaken for a flaw, it is a unique characteristic of an authentic natural fibre product.

Important Care for Your ORA Garment

Natural fibre garments do not need frequent laundering. Consider laundering at the end of the season prior to storing in the garment bag provided. Please retain the Important Care label that is on the garment for your future reference.

See the ORA Product Care guide in full

Garment colours may appear differently depending on the calibration and settings of your monitor or device.