Albuca Spiralis in Concrete Pot

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Ablalbuca Spiralis 'Frizzel Sizzle' in a concrete pot with drainage. 

Cute plant with cute curly leaves. Prefers dry growing conditions with lots of light. Plant is dormant during summer so it is normal for it to lose all of its leaves and will start to grow back in the cooler months. 

Pot Measurements: W 15cm x H 14cm


Difficulty: Moderate

Light: Prefers in bright indirect light. Keep out of direct sun as this can burn the leaves. Low light conditions will produce fewer curls, more light will produce tighter curls in the leaves. 

Water: Let top 2 thirds of soil dry out between watering. Water in winter as this is their growing period and reduce in summer as the plant is dormant. 

Other: Toxic to pets 

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