Megan Isabella

Megan (Isabella) Davies is an Australian surface artist and illustrator producing hand painted designs for fabric, packaging and wares.

She has over 10 years experience in the graphic design industry and holds an Advanced Diploma of Design. She currently lives and works in Perth, WA along side her husband, one year old daughter and two cats.

The artists' style is bold, playful and colorful, working predominantly with botanical themes. Her process begins with gouache paintings which are then manipulated digitally into collage-style works of art, many of which are created as a repeat pattern for commercial printing.

Megan has an endless fascination with plants and is inspired by the natural world around her. She attributes much of this to where she lives; "If I ever hit a creative block, I need only take a walk down the street. Perth is a beautiful, vibrant city to live in. It is surrounded by parks, beaches, bush land and colourful suburban gardens..."