Tea Story

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The Tea Story brand has been on a pursuit for quality loose leaf teas in the mountain terrains of Asia and the valleys Australasia. Made from 100% organic ingredients from local farms, tea masters and connoisseurs.  

Tea Story offers the finest, organically grown teas both in its pure form and blends, bringing you on a journey from some of the most remote gardens to your cup; along with promoting wellness and incredible health benefits! 

Here at our store we have blends for every hour of the day starting with Morning Detox, promoting healthy skin, improves liver function and cleanses the body of toxins, giving you a refreshing start to the day!  

Tea Story's Evening Detox and Balance blends assists with sleep and relaxation. Evening Detox aids in removing waste and acidic toxins whilst soothing the stomach, while Balance can aid in the discomfort of mild nausea and headaches.

Skinny Me is a feel good pick me up that can help achieve your wellness goals with this handcrafted blend that encourages the metabolism to break down harmful fats in the body.

Tea Story Australia prides itself on its specially hand blended tea range using the finest local organic ingredients, designed for promoting health and well-being!